Since 2008, I have been teaching a class at Stanford University entitled "Love as a Force for Social Justice." Since I had been spending so many years focusing on women's health and human rights and even writing a book about that (From Outrage to Courage), I found myself wanting to think more about the opposite of such difficult issues as "violence," and I began to read about "non-violence" and love. One day I wondered to myself why we weren't teaching about "love" at the university, and so, when I had an opportunity to teach another sophomore seminar, I suggested a course on "love," and the idea was accepted.

In the essay "Exploring True Love," I describe my thoughts about the issues of love (compassion and loving kindness) and some ideas about the courses I teach. You can read it here.

A layout for the syllabus for my current course on "Love as a Force for Social Justice" is included on this website, along with links to some of the blog posts and comments that emerged in my most recent class. I am considering putting the "love" class online sometime in the near future.