Update: A new version of From Outrage to Courage has been released! Click here to learn more and be sure to purchase the new edition on Amazon.com. Women's Courage is a website that celebrates the feminine in both men and women. The problems that we face as individuals and societies seem overwhelming: The planet is in danger. Wars rage. Poverty is widespread. Violence threatens to overwhelm us. The earth's climate is changing. Water is beginning to be a scarce resource. The gaps between rich and poor are growing.

We long for security, protection, and loveconcepts that seem unrealistic and fuzzy. Often, such concepts are associated with the feminine, though both men and women, in their hearts, value them. 

This website is dedicated to both recognizing the outrages that people (particularly women) endure and at the same time celebrating our resilience and strengths. There is hope. Arising in our midst and asking to be integrated into our strategies for the future is a way of thinking that stresses non-violence, love, and compassion. Some would argue that these concepts represent the feminine in human beings. Edward Whitmont, the Jungian analyst, stated: "Mother Earth herself has been pressed to the limits....The patriarchy's time is running out....Traditional male and female roles in society are being challenged. The feminine call for a new recognition arises simultaneously with the violence that threatens to get out of hand." 

These ideas inspired me to develop the Global Fund for Women, to write about it in Paradigm Found: Leading and Managing for Positive Change, to move on to Stanford University to teach my course "Critical Issues in International Women's Health," and to write about that in From Outrage to Courage: Women Taking Action for Health and Justice. Reacting to outrage and the darkness of poverty and injustice, I began to teach the course "Love as a Force for Social Justice," also at Stanford University, and to encourage groups to read and discuss love—which is the light that, in the midst of darkness, persists. 

This website brings these aspects of my work together, from books to podcasts to teaching tips to syllabi to essays. I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in both recognizing the darkness and celebrating the light—the love, compassion, loving kindness, and the feminine in every human being. 

With warm wishes,